Thursday, 9 August 2012 | By: Zenith

Hi ! =)

and Hi! Greetings To All !

I'm Afzan Izzani writing for the first post in
Credit to Eqhwan, for coming out with this idea,
of creating this blog, only for da'wah purpose. mumtazzenith is a blog
to spread the Islamic knowledge, based on Hadith wa Quran
and is conveyed in different kind of ways. We'll prepare to you (readers)
some heart-wrenching stories/entries, beneficial videos, comics, etc.. InsyaAllah, created by
Zenith Generation members (2nd batch of SMS Kubang Pasu 0711).

I have nothing much to say, since this is just an introduction to this blog.
But I really hope that come on Zenith ! Let's convey what Prophet Muhammad
has brought to human being, Let's convey the message of Allah, even a word !
Show your support. May Allah bless us all.

Lots of love from me, Afzan Izzani <3


Pemimpin Bersaudara said...

Good starting Afzan ;)

Afzan Izzani said...


Umar Abdul Aziz said...

haha nice
i recommend u guys upload more photos about us

Zenith said...

thanks for the suggestion umar.

Anonymous said...

Cadangan ja ni.

Xnk buat email zenith ka? Ini sbb kalu ada sapa2 comment buleh alert skit tmbh2 mcm bahagian scholarship, ipta , semua lah..
Care to be,

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